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I have met so many wonderful people thanks to Making Things Happen. Not only did I get to meet the beautiful people that attended the LA workshop v.2 but I also gained the courage to step outside of my box and realize that people are just people. I should go talk to them, especially if they inspire me. The worst thing they can do is not answer back or say no. I remember thinking to myself that everyone in the room knew more than me, knew more people, know more about the industry… But after getting to know everyone (all in 1 day mind you), I saw we were all on the same boat, but leading different journeys.

Eve, the creator of A Full Heart, was one of those people. She’s an amazing woman and her new blog shows that. I was lucky enough to design her logo and banner for her site. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Eve! Thank you for being a wonderful friend, and I look forward to where our new-found friendship takes us!




Takes the Cake

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In the span of 2 short years, I have found my love for baking and cake decorating. My family owns Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe in Granada Hills and my aunt and I are in charge of the special occasion cakes.

I’m no master, especially considering that I’ve never been formally trained, nor do I have a degree in pastry. But, I know what I like and I know what tastes good. :) My aunt on the other hand is a veteran. She’s been baking and cooking for over 30 years and was formally trained in the Philippines before my family opened up their shop there.

I had the pleasure of taking a cake decorating class last year from famous chef and cake artist Ron Ben-Israel. He is an amazing teacher and with this basis of education that I received in a span of 3 days, I was hurled into the world of cake decorating. Needless to say my graphic design degree was a tremendous help for me in this department. I guess it all works out for a reason right?

Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of designing numerous cakes for clients as well as some displays for our shop. What I love about cake decorating: endless possibilities. My aunt tells me all the time that things are drastically changing in the cake world. She said cakes used to be so simple compared to the cakes that she used to make and the cakes that we’re making now. There are new innovations in tools, designs, shapes, etc.

I continuously try to challenge myself and learn more and more about cake decorating. I don’t think I’ll ever learn it all, just like with everything else. But I think that’s what makes it so much fun. :)

Here are some cakes I’ve done so far. My recent favorite, the Super Mario inspired cake. Charlie, my mom, and myself (Yes, my mom! More on that later.) are fans of the Super Mario series. I just had to!


True Colors

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Every one has their own sense of design and style. Depending on your memories, your upbringing, your surroundings…so many things define who you are and in turn define your sense of good design. Good design is subjective, what may be beautiful to me may not be to someone else.

I tend to be appreciative of many different styles and eras of design. Thanks to my dance background and going to FIDM for college, I was exposed to many different facets and areas of art that I didn’t even know existed. Using my exposure to these eras and influences of art has brought me to be comfortable in my own sense of design and how I apply it to the things I do. From graphic design, cake decorating, to event design, I’ve learned and noticed my evolution of style has one main concept that resonates through it all: color.

I love color. There are so many ways to use it to make a statement, whether it be bold or soft-spoken. I believe that content and imagery sometimes speak for itself, but color (in my opinion) is atrue eye catcher. Color lets you decide what mood you want to portray by creating a color palette. My current favorite: light airy colors against a bold and dark color.

This is one of my favorite invites I designed because of the contrasting colors. I love the midnight blue outer pocket in contrast to the pearl paper.

This photo by Ja Tecson is amazing. Not even talking about composition and light, the colors playing between the bench and the bouquet enhances the green tones in the flowers. Absolutely beautiful.

One of the cakes I did last year was for a wedding at the Moorpark Country Club. What a beautiful venue! The view of the blue skies and the greens of the golf course from the reception was a beautiful sight! I loved this cake because it was simple. What made it shine was the flowers. The red and dark purples against the white frosting made for a beautiful contrast.

Color just takes my breath away. I love using colors in an unusual way or a way that people would think of as unorthodox and create something beautiful from it. I love seeing an end product of a design concept, but even more, seeing it vividly because of the color palette.


Whitney and Dustin

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Once again, I lag on posting a wedding from last year. But I absolutely have to blog about this one. It was another one of my favorite weddings.

Whitney and Dustin are so great together. Their love is beautiful, genuine, and admirable. They were such a great couple to work with. They were creative and willing to push the bar, and their Venetian theme made for really fun design!

The day started off and we were almost ready for the ceremony. Whitney’s dress was amazing. I remember going with her to try the dress on. The moment she put it on, we both knew it was the one. Now that it was tailored to her body, it was even more beautiful on her. The bodice had beautiful embroidery that was reminiscent of their garden wedding and Tuscan inspired theme.

Their ceremony was beautiful. Held at the Westlake Village Inn in their Tuscan Garden it was a  sunny day, perfect for an outdoor wedding. Whitney was glowing as she walked down the aisle.

Their reception was even more memorable. Held right down the street at Oak Park Community Center and Gardens, it was completely transformed into an evening in Venice. With a beautiful backdrop setting the stage, the venue was beautiful and romantic inside and out. Whitney’s cousin did the beautiful florals for the ceremony and reception.

My most favorite part of the evening? Their first dance. Whitney and Dustin love to dance and took classes at the community college to prepare for the day. Thanks to a master mix by their DJ, DJ Kelly, they were able to incorporate their favorite love song and get down with some swing.

Vendors to boast about:

Photographer – Mollie Jane Photography
Catering – Buca Di Beppo
DJ – A Disc Jockeys, DJ Kelly Costanza
Wedding Dress – One Night Affair
Rentals – Modern Party Rentals
Ceremony – Westlake Village Inn
Reception – Oak Park Community Center and Gardens



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Recently, I partnered with Envelopments as another option for invitations and stationery. I have been a big fan of their items for a while now and have recently made a decision to become a dealer for them, and I’m so happy I did! I received their design studio a few weeks ago and love the way everything is laid out. The moment I received it I couldn’t help but skim through the books and all the information. I’m so excited to add them to my services.

Folks, if you haven’t seem their papers and options brace yourselves. There are so many possibilities and there’s more coming soon! I’ll be working on my own samples in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the pictures!

White Christmas Inspiration Board

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It’s 2 days before Christmas. Usually by now, I’m already in the Christmas spirit. I’m trying, believe me, I’m trying. But regardless of sprit, I’m thankful for everything the Lord has blessed me with this year and I can’t wait to give everyone their presents and seeing their faces light up. That’s the part I love most about Christmas anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Whatever holiday you celebrate, do it with love.

Here’s a White Christmas inspiration board to keep everyone in the spirit (and to remind us Californians of snow). Check out this “chilly” color scheme of whites and blues and warm up the ambiance with some flickering candle light.
Photo sources: winter-wedding-dress.com, beaucoup, blogforbrides, project wedding, the knot, wedding paper divas, ioffer.com, instyle weddings, thebrideandgroom.com

Bridal Showplace, Hilton Pasadena

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In collaboration with my family’s bakery, Ninong’s Pastries and Cafe, my aunt, my mom, and I were exhibitors at the Bridal Showplace Show at the Hilton Pasadena this past Sunday. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a bridal show but this show was a lot of fun!

The weeks prior to the show were definitely hectic. On top of preparing for both booths, I was trying to not only juggle my work at the shop but also my coordinating business. My mind was racing with ideas and I really wanted to make both booths scream creativity.
The Ninong’s booth had 3 cakes that I prepared, all 3 with a different design. The first was an all white 4-tier made of fondant (left). Every other tier had a hand-ruffled pieces while the other 2 tiers were a simple fondant covering with an elegant drape going from one side to the other. Finish it off with coordinating brooches and you’re done! The second was a 3 tier ivory fondant with green accents (right). The simple piping design was meant to be elegant , not taking too much attention away from the design of the cake. To give the the cake height, I added a cylinder vase and added some battery powered candles to give it some flair. The main attraction of the booth, our brown and white brocade piece (middle). This 5-tier topped with large white gerber daisies was made of chocolate brown fondant and white royal icing to give it its bold, unique look.
I wanted to do so many things with my space. I had so many ideas and I couldn’t decide on which one to do. So, I decided to make the most of my space and do it all.
I wanted to create different tablescapes with 6 different concepts. So since I didn’t have the room to do that, I made miniatures. The first was a tropical/beach theme with a modern flair. The second was an orange and red “country” theme. The third, a vintage old rose/dark purple. Fourth – a modern/bold black, white, and green. Fifth – a simple yellow, ivory and lavender color scheme. And sixth, in the corner of my booth (but still surprisingly got lots of attention) an all while glamorous table scape filled with candles, an all white centerpiece, and beautiful flatware and dinner set that speaks for itself.
This was definitely a learning experience. Things have changed in the few years that I’ve been in the wedding business. This was the best response I’ve had at a show to date. Thank you to everyone that visited our booths! We hope you enjoyed what you saw and will be working with you soon!

Fancy Friday: Creating an Identity

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The 2 year mark has passed for Charlie and I. It’s official, we’ve set a date and have started talking about wedding/future related things. Charlie and I had a conversation last night and he told me that he’s seen me in this mode before, “wedding mode.” He says I always get this way when I start planning a wedding. Normally he doesn’t care much, he knows it’s just my job. But this time, I guess he wanted to get in wedding mode too since it’s our wedding this time. So he decided to design our logo for the wedding to get into “wedding mode” himself. Thank goodness he’s a talented graphic designer. :)

I’m not sure if it’s because I have a graphic design background, but I think it’s so important to have a logo identity or “symbol” that represents you as a couple. Why? Because not only can it be used throughout your design for the wedding, but it will give guests, family, and friends eye candy to remember you by. A well designed logo or monogram will make it easy for you to identify all aspects of your special day and tie in a design throughout the wedding. Here are some examples:

Our logo is still in development as far as color goes, but this is the final design.
Our initials (C and O) created the heart and the ring design that is the main focal point. The serif font creates the diamond on the ring and the bow tie at the bottom.
Debbie and George, my D&G couple, is a wonderful example of how you can take a concept from a logo design and use it as the running piece throughout your wedding.
Their Dolce and Gabana inspired monogram not only was a beautiful design that reflected their modern/chic style, but also gave them inspiration to use a fashion forward/hollywood theme to their wedding. Not only in their invitations and stationery but also a press wall for photo ops:
For their place cards and table numbers, they used body forms/mannequins:
And that’s just the beginning!
Here are some suggestions to a good wedding logo:
1. Think outside the box. Great design happens when you go beyond what you’ve already seen.
2. Be yourself. Let the logo speak about you and your style.
3. Don’t try too hard. Let the design come to you.
4. Don’t be afraid to play around with concepts.
5. Hire a professional. Someone that has a graphic design background can get your point across effectively.

Fancy Friday: Fall Weddings

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Fall weddings are absolutely beautiful! The weather is perfect, the leaves are starting to change color, and it’s almost time for the holidays.

Warm hues like reds, oranges, and wood tones keep in line with the feeling of fall and are great for design elements! Check out this earthy and colorful fall wedding inspiration board.

Fancy Friday: Event Lighting

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I love event lighting. Why? Something as simple as lighting can completely transform the look and mood of your event. Most of the time, your venue is limited to the chandeliers or “house lights” to brighten your event and to set the mood. Relying on these lights as a source of light for the guests is usually mainly for making sure it’s not pitch black in the room and so the guests can see.

Event lighting adds to the room. It gives your white walls some character, texture, and/or color. It gives you a chance to personalize your venue, highlight beautiful design elements like the cake and centerpieces, get creative, and really make a statement.
A lighting designer will not only know how to spice up your room based on your wants and needs, but they will also know the required electrical to make sure there aren’t any shorts and there is enough power going to all lights. Just like any other professional, they also know the latest and greatest in their industry that can make your event something that no one has ever seen.