The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Things have been pretty wonderful lately, and I am so grateful. Wedding plans are coming along nicely, lots to do, but that’s expected. Honeymoon plans have begun, shopping for airfare now and can’t wait for the sweet moment when we land on that beautiful island. I’m beginning to find balance in my career and personal life. Though I’m still building, setting a good foundation for success, and working through the details, I am beginning to find peace amidst all the “distractions” and “negativity” that come around here and there. Do I choose to let the negativity get to me? No. Do I choose to dwell on a situation I can’t control? Not anymore. I just let all the sadness out and cry to myself (or to Charlie) for a bit and let it go. Why? Because thanks to God I can see the world in a brighter light. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But it sure is peaceful up here. :)

So why am I writing this personal post? Once again, it’s to hold me accountable. I’m not willing to go back to where I used to be or be who I used to be. I don’t want to go back to uncertainty, feeling lost, overwhelmed, and all those things that put knots (bad knots) in my stomach. I don’t want to be chasing something knowing that in my gut, I should be focusing on something else. And I have to admit, the past years of my life have been just that. But I’m going to stop, and start chasing what I really want out of life. So here you go, internet, this is what I need you to hold me accountable for:

1. Learn to say no. Simple and clear.
2. Filtering out the negativity in my life – people and things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything I’ve experienced and everyone that I’ve met, it has brought me to this very moment (In fact, sometimes thinking about the series of events that lead you up to the present is a fascinating topic for me. But that’s another post all in itself.). But things change, people change, the world turns, and I have to move on. Not for spite, to burn a bridge, or to forget – no. But because I want to experience continued positivity, challenge, and happiness. The people and things I want around me are the people and things that are going to make me better. Challenge me to learn more, inspire me so I can inspire others, make me want to be a better person so I can give more…those are the things I want in my life.
3. Believe in myself. I have the hardest time accepting who I am now. So much so that I seek assurance and acceptance from others. While that’s called for some times I know that I need to make my own decisions for myself and if it sits right with me then I should at least try. I always wish I was doing something else, but really, how is that a way to live? Today, I will build the blocks to be happy with what I have and who I am now while trying to better myself and achieve my goals for the future.

Ok, let’s leave it at that for now. The last thing I want is to overwhelm myself. Ok, I have to admit. I’m a little nervous to share this post, but I have to. I know it’ll be for the best. So here we go, Internet. Who wants to help me stay accountable for these things? :)


A New Roof – The Intro to my Goals as a Woman, Entrepreneur, and Future Wife

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Well hello, Internet! Long time no see. Forgive me, everyone, it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged and read blogs. But I promise it’s for a good reason. :)

The countdown continues! Charlie and I are getting married in 4 months. Check out our wedding blog here. Since the beginning of June, we’ve turned the dial on Wedding Mode onto HIGH. Decoration projects, payments, more deposits, more vendors, more guests…more More MORE! Honestly, Charlie and I just can’t wait to be married. We’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time so we are more than excited for this day to come already. If I could forgo all this planning, I would! (Ironic, I know)

I truly feel that this wedding will mark the day of an extreme change in the both our lives, personally and professionally. I know most of my posts on here have been pretty casual and personal lately, but I assure you that the working wheels in my brain are still turning. Business is what I love, business is what I do..and no matter how many personal things I have going on business will always be a passion of mine. That being said, I think I’ve come to learn a thing or 2 about where I want to take my career from here…

1. My personal and professional life are forever intertwined. It’s not a “job” if you love what you do.
2. I’m passionate about art, design, and creativity – especially when it comes to weddings.
3. I’m passionate about helping people.
4. I love evoking emotions through sight.

Though I’m not ready to reveal what’s going to happen, all those things above are going to be incorporated under a whole new roof. Oct. 8, 2011 is going to mean even more than it has before. It’s going to be such a life changing day and the closer the day comes the more excited I am for what’s going to happen after it.

God has truly blessed me. He’s given me this time to really reflect on my goals as a woman, entrepreneur, and my future goals as a wife. He’s slowly revealing what I know is my destiny and my life’s purpose. As Oct. 8 begins a new life for Charlie and I, it also begins a life full of love, happiness, success, and passion.