Month 1 with Weightloss – How am I Doing it?

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1 week has gone by since my brave (maybe naive, but brave nonetheless) post to lose 5 pounds a month. I wanted to take this time to share with others what I am doing to actually achieve this goal. Hopefully others might find this useful and maybe want to share some secrets with me as well.

1. The Livestrong App. I love this thing. The calorie tracker keeps me in line with my caloric intake and it has Filipino food in here which helps since it’s hard to find that in other calorie counters. Not only that but I can log my work outs and figure out how much weight I want to lose a week. Very helpful app.

2. Gym Membership. I am making a goal to go to the gym AT LEAST 3 times a week. This week, I am going 5 days to try and push myself to my limit.

3. Analyze which work outs I enjoy most. This is really important. I found myself being lazy or telling myself “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” when I don’t enjoy my workouts. Luckily for me my gym has tons of fitness classes with different levels to keep me challenged. When I get tired of one thing I have a lot of options to do something else.

4. Changing my lifestyle. This has to be the hardest part for me. In the time I have decided to lose weight, I knew this wasn’t just for the wedding. It’s for my health and well being. That means a lifestyle change. I grew to like tofu (I actually prefer it now over chicken most of the time), I eat more vegetables, I eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks in between, I stay active, and I make time for myself. There are going to be those days when I’m going to want something really “bad.” But I won’t deny myself when I have a craving, but I might change it up. For example, I might have baked french fries instead of fries. I’ll have a small instead of a large. I’ll drink more water and less soda/juice. Yadda, yadda, yadda…

I also like to research new healthier alternatives to great foods. More on this later!


Wedding Invitations – The Flora Collection

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I worked my tail off to release 3 different collections and premier my new website by the new year. It all paid off, thank you everyone for your encouragement, motivation, and critiques. I appreciate it very much!

One of my wedding collections, Flora, is inspired by flowers (obviously), nature, and all things organic. I wanted to show the softer side of invitations here while still making a statement with typography and design elements, all while using the main theme throughout each design. These items are available for order now, check it out on our website by clicking here.┬áI can’t wait to add more to the collection as the year progresses!

The Orchid Suite is fun and whimsical, with a less is more attitude. There’s something about orchids that are so elegant and fragile, I always swoon over its beauty.

The Fall Fauna Suite was inspired by the winter and fall seasons. The organic, simple beauty of leafless trees always evokes this feeling of mystery, gratefulness, and hope.

The Cherry Blossom Suite is probably my favorite design in this collection so far. In Japan, cherry blossom trees are held very highly as the blossom season is very short. The purpose was to reflect on the gift of life and how short life can sometimes be, mirroring the blossom season. This suite in particular inspires me to live every day, really LIVE.


Goal #1 – Losing 5 Pounds a Month for 10 months

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Just like many others with new year’s resolutions, one of mine is to lose weight and get healthy. I have 10 months before my wedding, and I am determined to get healthy by then. Why? Not just for looks and vanity, but also for health. My family has a history of diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol…you name it. And I’m determined not to be on that same boat.

So my goal is to lose about 5 pounds a month for 10 months. My plan is not to lose 50 pounds per say, just consistently lose weight every month and 5 sounded like a nice round number.

So here we go, here is a current picture. All the ugly in its goodness. No make up, no frills, no nothing. On the 4th of every month, I’m going to post up my progress or lack there of (but I’M SURE there will be progress :D ) with an updated picture.

I’ll be posting my tools to make this happen here and there, just in case anyone out there wants some resources.

Like I said in my last post, 2011, LET’S DO THIS!


2010 – A Stepping Stone

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To think that I’m here, at the beginning of 2011 seems surreal. It feels like just yesterday I wrote my 2009 recap. Read it here.

To say the least, 2010 was a steep roller coaster. There were the high times and there were the low times. Here are some of the main events of this year:

Charlie and I have been engaged for a while now. We celebrated our engagement party with 100 of our close family and friends. That was one of the best nights of my life, seeing all our family and friends together in one place. See my recap of the engagement party on our wedding blog: He Said She Wed.

Charlie and I have been house hunting for over a year. We’ve gone in and out of multiple escrows and it was draining both mentally and physically. Those who read my blog regularly know that it’s been up and down. But at the end of the year (after lots and lots of praying), Charlie and I found a house and opened escrow. 4 days before Christmas Eve. What a great present for us! We’re expected to close escrow at the end of the month and cannot be more excited. We can finally put the house hunt behind us and really start focusing on us and our wedding. More on that later.

Ninong’s has been steadily growing this year. Our sales have continued to grow from our 2nd year in business and we did more wedding cakes than we’ve ever done! We have lots to plan and look forward to this year. More wedding cakes, more products, new hours. The business is finally in a place where we can set goals, take a look at the financials, seeing what’s working and what’s not, and grow and improve. I’m so proud of what we accomplished in 2010 and look forward to the new year. Here are just a few of the cakes we did:

This year, couldn’t have come to a better end. I was granted the opportunity to attend Making Things Happen in Los Angeles with Lara Casey, Emily Ley, and Gina Zeidler. Read about my experience here. I cannot even begin how to explain the magnitude of greatness this event has had on my life. I have met amazing people, learned so much, reached into my inner fears and wants, and it could not have come at a better time. God really blessed me with the chance to meet the amazing people that attended. It was a dream come true, something I thought I would never be able to be a part of. In the span of 2 short months post-MTH, I feel like I have done more than I did the entire year of 2010! I look forward to the everlasting friendships, relationships, experiences, opportunities, motivation, and accountability the MTH community has brought me. Thanks to them, I have more drive for 2011 than ever!

2010 was…tough. But I know now that I had to experience this year. It has taught me so much about being patient, inspired, motivated, friendly, outgoing, and kind. But it also showed me that fear is nothing to be scared of. It’s normal, but it’s what you turn that fear into that really makes the difference. Will you let it encompass your being and take over? Or will you harness that fear, be strong, find courage, and do something about it? So thank you, 2010. Thank you for teaching me and showing me. I will be a stronger person in 2011 thanks to you. The stepping stone that you provided into the new life I will lead this upcoming was a blessing.

2011: I’m coming for you. I’m ready. Yesterday, I busted out the MTH notebook, sat down for hours and I’m ready. My 2011 purpose is to take step 2. No more stepping stones, it’s about beginning and growth.

As Joe Swanson would say, “LET’S DO THIS!”