Inked has a New Look!

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For the past month, I’ve made some difficult decisions in my life. Life is changing personally and professionally. To be honest, I don’t know how I’ve been able to hang on as long as I have. Since then, I have seen more clarity, bonded closer to God, acted on my ideas, and reevaluated my professional career.

The moment I decided that I needed to make a change, I set myself up with a plan. A realistic plan. I’ve been working really hard to give all my businesses a new look, new feel, or new aura for 2011. I’m so excited for the new year that I can hardly contain myself. Soooo, I’m going to give a little sneak peak of what’s in store for Inked. Though I’m still a week and a half away from being ready I’m so floored! I’m so thankful for these last few days of 2010 as it has given me time to think, pray, and figure out what I want out of next year.

Inked is going to be taking on a new leaf in 2011 with 2 divisions of the business: Inked Print and Graphics and Inked on Paper. Inked Print and Graphics, in its 4th year of business, will continue to offer business solutions while Inked on Paper will focus on wedding and event invitations and personal stationery. Though I have been doing invitations on and off for the past 2 years I think I have finally found my calling in the world of graphic design and have decided to focus more time and energy into this facet of our business. Did I already mention I.AM.SO.EXCITED?!

So here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on for the past week. I’ve been coding up a storm and finally have the websites where I want it. All that waits for me now is our launch on Jan. 1 and finishing up my collections. :)

I have forgotten my love for web design. Thankfully being a business owner has given me a chance to continue to work on this art. Ah, web design, good ol’ web design…how I love it. Not flash based web design, but true SEO compatible, fully coded, CSS filled web design. Gotta love it. More on this later. :)

Happy holidays everyone! Whatever holiday you celebrate, celebrate it with love, laughter, appreciation, and gratitude.


Granada Hills Christmas Parade

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Sometimes I feel like my family’s bakery, Ninong’s, is in the perfect location. Granada Hills is very involved in its city and does many activities. Ever since I was a little girl…and maybe even before that…the city hosts their annual Christmas parade. They block off a big chunk of Chatsworth St. (from Hayvenhurst to Zelzah) and they have schools drill teams, cheer teams, bands, dance teams, as well as girl scouts, boy scouts, car clubs, business associations and so many more people come out to be a part of this parade. The parade always concludes with Santa being escorted by the city police (talk about VIP right?).

This was our 3rd year being in our shop for the Christmas parade and it was the best ever. Since we’re right in the middle of the action, the day of the parade is very, very busy for us. And we love it! This year, we decided to give gifts to our customers for sitting out in the rain/cold.

What a long day this was. By the end of the parade all of us were encompassed with exhaustion, but it was so much fun at the same time. Seeing familiar faces, seeing new faces, the reaction of when you give them something as a gift…all in Christmas spirit. It’s that feeling that I always strive to feel around this time of year.


Fighting Back

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That feeling of fear, it encompasses you. Your thoughts begin to drift, your heart begins to sink which leads your shoulders to shrug in lack of confidence. This was me, On Nov. 11 at Making Things Happen, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t feel this way any more.

But today, it all came rushing back. My heavy-hearted, insecure, and stressed persona began seeping its way back in. As I was sitting in my car it started to become reality. I always feel it in my stomach first. But this time, instead of letting it eat me alive, I fought back. I turned up the music in my car, and started yelling out my daily prayer to God. Why? I don’t really know, but it felt right at the time. I prayed for my family, my friends (old and new), but most of all I prayed for strength. Strength to show me the light in the dark tunnel. Strength to be an example to the rest of my family and friends, to be a resource for their need of inspiration. Strength to not let my shoulders not let the heat of my stress encompass the rest of my body…to not let this negativity get the best of me. After my “Amen” I just starting singing (which is not a pretty sight or sound for that matter).

Alicia Keys – Prelude to a Kiss
“Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere
it’s gonna take so long for me to get somewhere.
Sometimes I feel so heavy hearted
but I can’t explain cuz I’m so guarded
That’s a lonely road to travel
and a heavy load to bear
And it’s a long long way to heaven
but I got to get there.

Can you send an angel
Can you send me an angel to guide me.”

Thank you, Lord, for letting me be who I am and putting me on this journey. Thank you for giving me that moment that I do have strength within me to let it all out and manifest my fears and insecurities into momentum, hunger, and humility.

Right after I recollected myself and my negative feelings subsided I put myself in my happy place. A place that I pictured at the MTH workshop. How can you not feel happy in a place like this?!