Pivot Point

Author: Kissa  :  Category: Personal

Wow, time is flying by so fast. I feel like I’ve got my Wonder Woman cape on. Yup, it’s flying by that fast.

In some ways, I’m excited for the future. The engagement party, the wedding, the new house, the holidays…so much to look forward to. In other ways, I’m scared. I’m scared of the unknown, the negative, the “too good to be true,” the belief in something false, the things in which I can’t control. But hey, that’s what is keeping life interesting. And I’m hangin’ in there and that’s all I can ask for.

As days go by more and more good things are happening. My good friend Ray Ray is going home to recover instead of being cooped up in a hospital room. I am Making Things Happen and attending the MTH Tour 2010 in Los Angeles in November. I definitely feel blessed, humbled, and happy to know that these blessings are being given to me, my friends, and family. But *sigh* the dark raining cloud above still shows its dreary head. Though I’m trying to shake it…it still chasing after me. But like I said, too many good things in life to get me down.

The only thing I can hope for now is to try to come up for air. I keep swimming and swimming, as fast as I can. Now if I can just make time to come up for air, I think I’ll be good. I’ve accepted that life will never be perfect, that things in life happen (even bad things) that we have to take with a grain of salt. If something bad happens try to fix it if it can be fixed. When something good happens, I can only be ever grateful for such a blessing.

Right now, the growing and changes continue. Though I hope that this will never stop, it is definitely a defining moment right now. And now I’m beginning to realize, it will be for a while. This is one of the times in my life that will help shape my future. A pivotal moment, if you will. And I hope and pray that when it’s time for me to pivot in the right direction, I did.


Speaking Loudly

Author: Kissa  :  Category: advice, Personal

“Actions speak louder than words.” -Aisling

What an understatement. Simple and true.¬† It’s unbelievable how the most simple things seem to be the most profound.


The thing that baffles me sometimes is that we want to talk the talk..actually…we want to do A LOT of talking. But we never want to walk the walk. We want to tell everyone what our goals in life are, about this great idea we have, how unhappy we are about something, what someone else needs to do to make something better, etc. To be honest, I don’t really want to hear about it unless I know that something is happening behind the scenes to make the statement come to life. It’s as if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs getting someone to listen to you. They probably will the first time, but once they see you have no substance to reinforce your point you lose.

I believe words have life to it. It has a past, present, and future. It has expression, action, feeling, and substance. Things that you say to people, reflect the things you do to people. At least, they should. If you’re positive with your words, you will have a positive effect. If you’re negative with your words, you will have a negative effect. Just as words have life, so do actions. It takes a living being to portray those actions, both positive and negative.

What do you surround yourself with? What vibe do you give off to others? Negativity or positivity?And what do you do with it? Do you do nothing? Or do you actually take it and make something happen?

Maybe it’s just me, but the ones that speak loudly might as well stay quiet unless they’ve got actions to back it up.