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Normal? What’s normal?! The perception of the world as we see it isn’t necessarily the same. Through emotions, our experiences, our shortcomings, our achievements, and our perceptions on situations is all subjective. The only things that are concrete are facts. I might be getting too theological here, but I’m starting to think almost everything is subjective except the very core of an object or being.

Example: I have a few friends that are color blind (you know who you guys are, love ya!) What I know is blue may not be the same blue to them, yes? Maybe my royal blue is their baby blue. We all know it’s blue, because society told us it is. But our perception of it could be completely different.

I’m starting to find that this same scenario can be translated to many other things. The way things taste can be very good to one person and completely atrocious to another. The way a person dresses can look good to one person and out of style to another. You get the idea.

I guess my point is, regardless of the way I see it versus another person’s perception, is subjective. It’s up to the individual’s actions, life experiences, and personality that fit in to why people are the way they are. I’ve come to learn and accept it, even brave enough to say that I embrace it.

Fact of the matter is, that’s what makes our world turn. If everyone agreed on everything or saw the world in the same way we would all be out of luck. All of us would want to pursue the same things in life, achieve the same things, and do the same things. The competition would be pretty fierce, don’t you think? If everyone wanted to become an accountant there would be no need for one. But if 1 person wants to be a doctor out of the world of accountants, you can bet that person would never have a free moment.

I know I’m different, and I perceive life in a different way from everyone else. I used to think that what I wanted was to fit into society, blend in. I’m learning to embrace who I am, not be afraid to show people what I’ve got, and not be ashamed of my faults. In fact, accept my faults and readily admit that I have them instead of trying to pretend they don’t exist. Because of that, I’ve learned to lean on others who are strong in the things I am weak in. Give them a chance to shine in what they excel at. I believe…actually, I know…that it makes me appreciate the people I have in my life every single day. Without their strength, I wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am today. If I didn’t rely on my doctor when I was sick, I’d never get better.¬† One of my goals in life is to do that exact same thing for others. Pay it forward, return the favor, without expecting anything in return.

It’s those moments in life that make me sit back and smile. Knowing that there are still genuinely good people out there. Those that might not see the world exactly the way I do, but are willing to share their experiences just as I am. If there weren’t those people out there, I’d lose all hope. So thank you, people of the world that strive to make the world a little brighter.


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