He Said She Wed

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You can’t even believe how ready I am to marry Charlie. We’ve been engaged long enough and as much as I don’t want the time to fly by quickly, I want to get married already!

As an avid blogger I just had to create a wedding website/blog. I was working on it for a couple months and we finally have it up! Check our site for regular updates, especially since it’s in the first phases of its design.

I can’t wait to get that blog going. It’s going to be a lot of fun to look back at it when it’s all over. :)



Being Accountable

Author: Kissa  :  Category: Personal

It’s always on my mind, but now more than ever. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! I’m not trying to say I’m going to lose all the weight next week. I know¬† I have to be realistic. So I realized that every morning I wake up in bed means I have one less day to lose the weight. The wedding is getting closer and closer and if I don’t start now, I’m going to be scrambling as the day approaches. Therefore, Internet, as you as my witness…I’m holding myself accountable.

I’ve got to. Why? Because I realized I stopped looking at myself in the mirror. Not because I think I’m ugly, but because I’m in denial. When I look in the mirror I don’t really LOOK at myself. I give myself a quick look, make sure I’m decent, and move on. I look at my face to put on make up, but don’t look at my body. Subconsciously, I trained myself not to – I guess because when I actually do look I’m not happy with what I see.

A lot of people feel this way, not just physically but soulfully (if that’s a word). Sometimes we blink and before we know it we’re people that we don’t want to be, or we wonder what happened to the time. We’re not the people we set out to be, but even worse we’re disappointed with who we’ve become.

I’m not going to be ashamed, and I’m just going to say it. I need to lose weight. I need to lose about 30 pounds (or 3 dress sizes). I know I can do it, I just have to remind myself that every day I’ve got to take care of my health and body. So like I said, Internet, I’m holding myself accountable. There’s step 1.