Fancy Friday: Cocktail Hour

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Here’s some ideas to keep your guests satisfied during your cocktail hour without going flat.

1. People love a place to sit. Aside from having tall cocktail tables, play with heights and have some short 2-seater tables and furniture with coffee tables to keep the area interesting. Instead of centerpieces on the tables, maybe put pictures from your engagement session and simple bud vases with your logo on the table

2. Get food that is easy to eat and compliments your entree menu. You don’t want people to get full during the cocktail hour, so doing a “bite size” is not only economical but makes for good looking food. Another big trend is an elegant finger food, something that doesn’t require extra utensils.

3. Drinks. Signature drinks are all the craze. Calling it something creative that ties in with the color scheme/theme of the wedding is a minor detail that can go a long way. Don’t have the budget for a signature drink? That’s ok! Take a popular cocktail and rename it! Having a wedding in the city? Serve Cosmopolitans. What about a beach wedding? Serve Mai Tai’s. Vineyard wedding? Serve wine. These can be your main offerings during your cocktail hour and can save a ton on your budget!


I Guess Bad Memories and STILL Memories

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This past weekend, Charlie and I went to Vegas to celebrate his birthday. What a great time. We got to see friends and spend some time together. We hit the bars, visited the automobile showroom, ate amazing food, went shopping, it was a blast. I’ve been making a conscious effort to make time for us – I live for the good times and memories.

One of the memories that will definitely last for the books: we were on our way to our buffet dinner (you HAVE to in Vegas right?) and as I was walking in my new dress and super-cute-wanna-be-wicker wedge heels my ankle twists, cracks, and I fall to the ground in front of everyone in front and behind us. GREAT, JUST GREAT.

First of all, I was wearing a dress and falling in a dress is never pleasant. Second of all, I twisted my ankle so much that I heard 2 loud cracks and it bent so far that I felt like my foot and my leg were perpendicular to each other. It took me a good minute to get up…MORTIFIED!!!!

Well, cheers to making memories. I guess bad memories are still memories! Here are some of my always amateur photos of the trip.

Here’s a nice blurry picture of Charlie and I.

Our “Central Park Omelet” and Sundae from Serendipity 3.

And finally, the original of my dad’s car — the RS200. This car was displayed at “The Auto Collections” at Imperial Palace. It sat alongside many classic cars in a huge showroom. Imagine, 0-60 in 2.1 seconds! One of the first things Charlie said he wanted to do was go visit the showroom. Him and my dad share a love of cars that I can only try to understand. My dad is such a huge fan of this unique car that he has a replica sitting in his garage. This one’s for you, Dad.


A Dreamer’s Guide to Life: Introduction

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I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and have been caught up and too busy to put anything down. I must admit, I thought doing this was going to be “easy.” For those of you that have read my previous post about “A Dreamer’s Guide to Life,” I’m stuck in a rut about it. So here I am about to make my first attempt in hopes that this can be of help to someone. If not, that’s okay at least it’s out there just in case. :)

Just as a side note, I want to make it known that this is just my advice. You don’t have to take it or agree with my opinion. The point of this project is for me to teach something and to hopefully also learn something in the process.
Today’s boring topic: the Introduction. This is why I’m here.
1. Who: ME and YOU. I want to talk about what YOU want to read. The good and the bad. The pretty and the ugly. The only thing I won’t talk about is politics (too sensitive of a subject) and sex (I’d like to keep this blog as PG-13 as possible). Let me also make it known, that I believe in God. And if you don’t or if you believe in something else from what I believe in, I’m open minded and am glad you believe in something. You don’t have to believe in what I believe in to read these blogs.
2. What: Life — and everything that comes along with it. Love, friendship, work, school, happiness, sadness…I want to talk about it. Sometimes people are too scared to ask (a lot of times they are) or they think know. At times you may know. But sometimes, isn’t there a fear of the unknown that gets to us? Well, you’re not alone. Chances are, someone has gone through it or something like it (not always, but many times). Or just because you’re a unique situation doesn’t mean we can’t be there for you to tell us about it. Have a topic? Let me know what it is and I’ll look it over.
3. Where/when: Right here…for now. This blog is the first medium I have to get this out there. Hopefully things can evolve into audio or video but until then check this blog regularly for topics.
4. Why: Because it just feels right. For me. There are things I learned the hard way that I wish someone could’ve told me. I wish there was a class that I could’ve taken on Life that could’ve told me certain things, even just the basics on how to take care of yourself. So here I am, I want to be that someone I wished for.
Stay tuned for the next topic: Inspiration.

Fancy Friday: Bridesmaids have Feelings too!

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I know it’s your big day. And, theoretically, you can have the bridesmaids where whatever you choose. But 99% of the clients I have worked with have never wanted their bridesmaids to look tasteless in their gowns. These girls/women are, after all, the ladies that have stuck by you through thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad. Here are some new ideas (and classic time and true designs) that will make your bridesmaids happy and will make your overall wedding experience more enjoyable (I promise!).

The Twist Wrap Dress. I think this is an awesome idea. I’m even considering (keyword: CONSIDERING! My Bridesmaids, it’s not a for sure decision yet! lol) What’s great is the versatility of this dress. Ceremony: everyone wears a certain style. Looks great on pictures, there’s a cohesive look, your girls look fabulous! Reception: people can change up the style to make them comfortable. They can go strapless, a-symmetrical, sleeved, there’s a style for everyone. On top of that, the versatility goes well beyond the day of the wedding and this is ACTUALLY something that they can wear to other weddings/events (and it’s actually true!). Check out these ways to twist and customize your dress by the Dessy Group.
Another great way to make your bridesmaids feel confident in what their wearing is to pick a color scheme, fabric and let them choose a style. What’s great about this is bridal stores have set this up so the colors match as close as possible and there are a variety of styles to choose from. Check these styles out in “marine” by David’s Bridal (note: these are just some of the styles to choose from!).
Sometimes footwear can also be an issue. Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable wearing really high heels, some people feel more comfortable in a pump than an open toe, there’s too many options! How do you keep them cohesive? There are the Dyeables, which will be good for the wedding day (as long as it doesn’t rain) and will be good for pretty much that day and maybe one more. You can tell them to go get shoes in a certain color (i.e. black, silver, etc.) that you think will match the color scheme. Or, you can get everyone to wear one shoe and allow them to change into sandals for the reception. Here are some very cute sandals that would still look good over the good ol’ flip flop.

Fancy Friday: Wedding Cake Ideas Part II

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The trend with cakes is simplicity with little details. A little goes a long way. Cakes have definitely changed within a few years and if you see the crazy cake shows on TV, you know what I’m talking about. Their cakes look amazing! Too bad there isn’t taste-o-vision because I would definitely have a taste!

I’ve been a picky cake eater for as long as I can remember. No expert, albeit. It MUST be moist and the flavors HAVE to work well together. It’s not just about the cake, just the filling, or just the frosting…it’s the mix of all elements that makes a cake.
That being said, people’s taste buds aren’t always quite accepting of the flavors and tastes of more “design friendly” mediums (i.e. fondant, buttercream, etc.). Some people love it, some don’t – I don’t blame you, everyone has a different palette. So what’s a bride/groom/host/hostess/celebrant to do? Cue the grand entrance of the faux cake!
You can now have the look you want, without compromising the taste! How? Cake designers use faux cakes many times for displays, examples, or photo shoots. Why not use it for the party? Then, you can have your tasty, non-compromising cakes in the back and have your caterer slice the cake you want the guests to enjoy and LOVE.

Fancy Friday: Saving on Save the Dates

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Save the Date cards are a great way to tell your intended guests for your wedding that it’s coming up! Like any aspect of the planning, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward and make a statement. This will be one of the first things your friends and family will see, after all. Here are some ideas for save the date’s that won’t break the bank.

Post Cards. These are a great way to save! Postage is much less ($0.28 within the US). If you’re having a destination wedding, beach wedding, outdoor wedding, or live in a major travel city these are a great idea! Many of these designs I found on Etsy (awesome site for hand made/crafted items!).

Good design will really make the statement. No matter how simple the concept, the design of your save the date will really make the difference.

Do you have guests that are more internet friendly? Send out a save the date newsletter! There are many different newsletter providers that are available and are quite affordable. With the newsletter, you can also keep your guests updated with your planning progress and send out announcements with ease! Not only that, but they’re so easy to customize! Here are a few examples:

Got guests that are more interactive and really want to do something unique? Make a save the date video! With the ability of video sharing, you can do almost anything you want! From a slide show to an actual video, there are so many possibilities. Best of all, it’s free to send! Just send the link of your video to your guests and let them sit back and enjoy! Here are some cool ones:


ABC-GLA Networking Meeting: August

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This event was loads of fun! I always get a bit nervous and antsy when going to networking meetings because I’m a soloist, most of the time I go by myself. Well, to my surprise, I ran into a good friend of mine right when I walked in the door, Sarah of J & M Entertainment! She had her colleague and my new-found friend with her, Sarah (yes, 2 Sarah’s) of J & M as well.

The Tanzore was beautifully decorated. I had the pleasure
 of taking a mini tour of the restaurant and their private rooms. Needless to say, they were all beautifully decorated. Ultra chic and modern, definitely my style! The Lotu
s Room is their main ballroom style area and the lighting, furniture, performers, and food really gave it that asian flair. Check out the pictures below, courtesy of Jeffrey Bullied Photography.

DE: Premier Vendor on Get Married

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We were lucky enough to be one of the Premier vendors on The website is pretty awesome. I was looking through it, I like the layout, easy to navigate, helpful…but what I like most about it is that they’re trying to push the bar on resources for helping couples. Online, print, AND TV. That’s pretty cool! Stay tuned for our mention in their upcoming magazine.

To view our profile on, click here.

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