ABC-GLA meeting: Liene Stevens

Author: Kissa  //  Category: business

This was my first meeting with ABC. In my own right, I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The traffic getting to the Andaz was causing my anticipation to build and caused me to keep running different scenarios in my head. Thankfully, when I got there, my nerves eased while I walked around the room looking at the snacks, centerpieces, and little details of the event. The pieces you see above were creations by Carissa (yes, we share the same name!) of JL Designs. The other picture is the beautiful view from the penthouse level of the Andaz.

I have heard of Liene but never have really looked into her company, who she was, or what she’s done. I must say, she knows her stuff! I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know and admire her knowledge, advice, and realistic approach to planning and speaking. I’m really glad I went to hear her speak and to check out the Andaz venue. It was nice to meet everyone and I hope to meet more of the members soon!


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