Wedding Cake Ideas

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People often forget about this part of the “tiny details.” The cake is an important part of tradition in weddings. These traditions date back to the Roman era when loaves of bread were used and broken over the couple to signify prosperity and long life. The guests would also try to take pieces of the loaves so they can also share in the prosperity of the couple.

Since then, cakes have transformed into a very important part of the reception festivities. The act of slicing and sharing a piece of cake together signifies unity and care for each other. The cake itself an edible work of art.

I’ve been surrounded by cakes my whole life. My aunt has been baking cakes even before my days walking this Earth working at the family bake shop in the Philippines. Since then, she’s honed her craft and recently opened a shop in Granada Hills with my parents to carry on the legacy here in the US ( She taught me that cakes have to be 2 things: DELICIOUS and BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes cakes aren’t the most important thing to people, but I believe it is. This is one of the important parts of the celebration of a wedding, and it’s something that you share with the guests that mean so much to you.

There are so many ways to get creative with cakes. The shape, the flavor, the cake topper, the colors, the embellishments, the base, the height, the list goes on. Designers have definitely been pushing the bar with their cakes and moving from the traditional white/off white cake. Some are in full color, some with hints of the traditional with a new modern twist. Some cakes are all edible with gum paste flowers and decor, some cakes have fun non-edible embellishments.

The world of weddings is changing, but the growth in the creativity of wedding cakes is amazing. The future of wedding cakes is limitless and will continue to evolve as the years go by. I can’t wait to see what else people will be coming up with.

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25 Years of Marriage, Congrats Mom and Dad!

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What a weekend. I’ve been planning this party for my parents for almost a year. This past Saturday, it finally happened.

My parents have been married for 25 years as of May 12, 2009. They’re hard working, wonderful people. As parents, they gave me everything and almost anything I ever wanted and needed. They recently opened a Bakery and Cafe ( in late 2008 and the shop has been taking all of their time. I get my love of parties from my mom, and I knew she wanted to have a party for their anniversary, but where would she even get the time to do it? She’s not only at the shop 50% of the time. The other 50% she works as a Realtor (which she’s proudly been doing for over 15 years).

So, I decided to take it upon myself to plan their anniversary for them. It was tough to keep it a secret, but thanks to the rest of the family we pulled it together. People came from out of town and from down the street. Everyone pitched in and I was touched to see how many people wanted to help. I couldn’t do it without them. It really shows me much my parents are loved by their friends. Even those that regretted they couldn’t make it were disappointed that they couldn’t come.

Just my camera alone took over 300 pictures. You can view more here:

Congratulations Mom and Dad. I love you!