Spring Event Ideas

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Spring is in full swing! It’s a great time to be in the outdoors and enjoy your surroundings. Here are some ideas.


Vendors: How do I pick?

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This is a concern of many people. How do I know which vendor is the right pick? Here’s some advice on how to sort through all those vendors. (Please remember, DE has wonderful vendors that we’ve met and worked with along the way. However, DE is not responsible for any conflicts between other vendors and clients. We solely act as a mediator between vendor and client and works in the best interest of BOTH parties.)

1. Take the small steps to achieve the big picture. Looking at daunting tasks in small steps is usually more efficient. Don’t approach all vendors at the same time. Work category by category, but efficiently. Your consultant can help you organize when to approach certain vendors.

2. Ask questions. Vendors are here to answer questions and to tell you more about what they do. They welcome questions as well as asking you questions because it helps them hone in on the important stuff. Put a list together to make sure you get your bases covered and ask all the questions you have in mind. There are never any “stupid” questions but if you feel embarrassed to ask someone a question, that’s what your consultant is there for. We either have the answer or are more than willing to ask the question for you.

3. Contact a few vendors at a time. Interview about 3 vendors in the same category. If you think one of the vendors don’t match with your needs or personality, move on to the next one. Please remember, people like to be kept in the know. Let people know whether or not you have made a decision or kindly decline their services.

4. Do your research. There are so many methods to finding vendors. Online, trade shows, word of mouth, etc. Each method has its pros and cons, and I personally don’t prefer one over the other. Some advice – when researching online, there are literally hundreds of resources to look through. Try to keep perspective when searching so you don’t get overwhelmed. When attending trade shows, don’t be afraid of speaking to the vendors. Trade shows are meant to give you one outlet where you can see service providers and retails in a face-to-face environment. Take your time, you never know what you can learn or take from a person. What’s great too, is that they sometimes have specials that they are offering as a “trade show special.” Word of mouth: some people completely trust this method. I do as well, but one thing to remember is that someone’s preference might not be the same as yours. The vendor’s chemistry might have been great for one client, but might not match with another. Make sure you ask questions and get to know vendors regardless of which method you find them. Many times, your consultant can recommend the right vendors and do the “brunt work” of the research for you to save time. We can narrow vendors down based on budget, wants, personality, and needs.

5. Chemistry. I believe it’s one of the most important things to consider when hiring anyone. Every professional you work with should be someone you trust will do the job you contract them to do, and ultimately, shares and understands the same vision you have. The price, personality, package of goods/services, and reliability have to be right for you.