Technology and Weddings

Author: Kissa  :  Category: advice, business, Weddings

Technology and Weddings Today

Technology has come very far in the recent years and the wedding industry isn’t exempt from being effected. Take a look at some great ways to incorporate technology into your wedding.

1. Wedding Slideshows. Many photographers and videographers provide this service. They allow your guests to see significant moments in your life separately and together. Many people enjoy this feature because it gives their guests an insight of the bride and groom’s life. It gives your guests a chance to know you.
2. Online Registry. Many stores now allow your guests to view your registry online. Providing this on your wedding website is a great way for you to appropriate suggest your guests to look at a registry as providing registry information in your invitations is not considered proper etiquette.
3. Song Lists. Many couples have specific requests (as they should) regarding the music selection for their wedding. With technology now, you can provide your DJ with a CD or iPod with the songs that you specifically want played.
4. Décor. Many things can be incorporated into your décor to add flair to any event. Lighting adds a extra touch to set the mood for your wedding. Use battery operated tea lights for an outdoor wedding – they last the entire event and never blow out on a windy day. Creating a custom gobo with your monogram can be used to travel around the room. LED lights can now give your centerpieces and floral designs a beautiful glow. The list is endless and just needs a personal touch.
5. Wedding Website. A wedding website gives your guests a great way to know more about your wedding. You can provide a link to your wedding registry, tell people about your love story and how you met, show them your recent photos together, introduce them to your wedding party, provide a map and directions for the wedding day, the list goes on and on! There are many companies that offer this service, many for free. There are providers (such as Daydreamer Events) that provide websites for their clients at a low cost. With this cost comes more options such as more picture space, editing, customizing, online RSVP, a personal guestbook and more.